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Pharmaceuticals enter our environment, and wastewater treatment facilities cannot remove them. From manufacturing emissions, overuse and misuse, incorrect disposal, or passing naturally through our bodies, drugs end up in our water, soil, and agriculture, harming ecosystems and contributing to lethal antimicrobial resistance.

With your help, we can reduce the effects. Explore what's happening in Europe as we shift toward safer pharmaceutical use and how you can join the charge.

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Latin America

Help protect the environment and our health by ensuring medicines are sustainably produced, correctly disposed of, and only prescribed when truly needed. Unused drugs that end up in our water and landfills can cause harm to sensitive Latin American ecosystems.

Join a global movement promoting safer pharmaceuticals. Increase your understanding of issues involving pharmaceuticals and consider ways to reduce their environmental impact.

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Explore how we work with the health care sector to reduce its emissions and build climate-smart, resilient hospitals and communities.

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Chemicals and Plastics

Find out how hospitals and health systems are reducing hazardous chemicals and single-use plastics to decrease the impact these products have on human health and the environment.

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Utilize groundbreaking sustainable procurement guidance and tools to improve practices and policy while harnessing health care’s purchasing power to move the market.

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Learn how we are working with hospitals and communities to implement successful strategies to reduce health care climate impact and support the growth of resilient foods systems.

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Uncover strategies to minimize health care waste from hazardous medical waste to food waste with our innovative management, recycling, and disposal guidance.

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Achieve sustainable health care operations by reducing energy consumption and moving to clean, renewable options.

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