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Our powerful network will transform the health sector — ensuring it can balance the immediate needs for mitigation, resilience, and equity, while serving as a leader in the broader shift to a just, low-carbon economy.

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Reduce emissions, build climate-smart and resilient hospitals and communities, and mobilize health care's influence.

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Leverage health care's purchasing power to reduce environmental and social impacts through procurement choices.

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Chemicals & Plastics

Explore alternatives and solutions to tackle the use of toxic substances and plastic waste in health care.

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Solve on-the-ground waste issues such as reduction, segregation, and recycling.

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Promote food as medicine, address the climate impact of food purchasing and production, and reduce food waste.

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Explore how the sector can influence the way pharmaceuticals are produced, managed, disposed of, and consumed.

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Discover our tools and resources to help you make the switch to more sustainable power solutions.

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